CCIS Manual – Create A Request (Mgmt)

Create a Request on behalf of a Co-owner

  • Select the Requester
  • Regarding – By Unit  –
    • If the Request relates to the Requester’s Unit, no need to enter anything, the system will automatically specify the unit.
    • If the Request relates to someone else’s Unit, (a neighbor), select the appropriate unit.
  • Regarding – By Name  –
    • If the Request relates to another Co-owner (or when the Requester doesn’t know the unit address), select that Co-owner; their unit will be specified.
  • Assign To
    • Typically this is to the Management Company; in some cases it may immediately be assigned to a Board Member. The default (if you do nothing, is the Management Company)
  • Date of Request
    • In most cases, this will be the same date as entered. In some cases when entering Requests made in the past, it may be useful to specify a different date.
  • Record the Subject of the Request
    • Similar to an email subject line, enter the subject of the Request.
  • Capture the Description
    • Provide more details about the Request; any relevant WHAT, WHERE, WHEN or WHO information.
  • [Submit Request]
  • ([Submit/Close Request]) if their Request is fully resolved within the phone call.


If there are any inadvertent errors, there are two options (you cannot modify the original request). First, open the NEW Request

  • For GROSS errors, select Resolve Request and note in the message field the Request was closed because it is incorrect.
  • For simple errors, select Add Comment and make a note to clarify the error.

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