CCIS Manual – Update for (Phone) Vendor

Vendor Management Company
[Create Inquiry](s) to Vendor(s)

  • Description: Cut/Paste from Request Description (at top of screen)

Call Vendor(s), give details of Request and ask for an estimate (add comment to reflect phone contact)

If Vendor calls reporting failed attempts to reach Co-owner Record attempts; close Inquiry

  • Open the Inquiry
  • [Comment]; Record vendor’s attempts to contact
  • If no response from Co-owner, [Close Inquiry]; Comment: record vendor’s attempts to contact Co-owner – add dates if available
  • Open relevant Request
  • [Close Request]; Comment: The vendor has tried to contact you (restate specific attempts) for access to your unit. If you want to re-open this Request, contact the Management Company.
Vendor calls back with a quote (cost, schedule, description of work) in lieu of “Submit Quote” Record Quote Details (To save time and reduce recording errors… if possible, enter information while Vendor is on the phone)

  • Open the Inquiry
  • [Edit Inquiry]
  • Enter the relevant information
  • [Update] Inquiry
Ready to contract work with Vendor
  • Open the Inquiry
  • [Change Inquiry to Work Order]
  • Incorporate schedule, cost, and description in message.
  • Assign Budget Category

Print Work Order, send/fax paper copy of Work Order to Vendor

If Vendor calls reporting any relevant information Record Comments and/or Adjust Deadlines as Required

  • Open the Work Order
  •  [Comment]; Record vendors comments
  • As required, [Add Deadline] for the next time to review
After completing work, Vendor mails paper invoice in lieu of “Complete – Request Payment”
  • Open the Work Order
  • [Close Work Order w/Payment]
  • Print as required (for actual payment record)