Information Management Team

IM-Team Mission

The IM-Team supports the goals of Harbour Towne Association (Board, Committees, Management Company, and Co-Owners) by developing and maintaining tools and processes for the management and accessibility of information.

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Board Accountability

The IM-Team reports to a board member liaison. This board member

  • Supports the IM-Team
  • Represents the IM-Team to the board
  • Represents the board on the IM-Team

IM-Team Role

The IM-Team Serves the Association

Our Makeup

How We Organize Ourselves

Technology Responsibilities 

The Technology: Information Management Team / Management Company

  • Harbour Towne Condos Website: Adding and maintaining information / Requests updates to web pages, etc.
  • CCIS – Request System: The system, its enhancements, the server… / Managing the data in the system
  • Events Calendar: Adding events / Adding events
  • Action Items Log (Board): Developed and maintain structure / Adding items, tweaking structure as needed
  • Cloud Document Storage: Create the structure, policies on what is stored, etc. / Uploading documents as needed
  • Bulk Email (part of CCIS): Enhancements, etc., sending email when requested / Sending email as required
  • Harbour Towne Email Addresses: Creating aliases for co-owners with email addresses published on the website / N/A
  • Newsletter: Under consideration for best practices / Collaborating with the IM-Team

Ask About the Team

Information Management History  

2006-ish Steve LeBel, under the direction of then-president Jerry Siminski, created a Website for Harbour Towne with Joomla software on Steve’s personal web server. Soon after, Kelly Cousineau volunteered to help maintain the website.
2008 A team determined we needed a more robust solution for the maintenance Requests (See Business Case). Jerry Siminski (President), Dan Weller (Treasurer), Steve LeBel (Tech), and Kelly Cousineau (Facilitator) gathered with representatives from the Management Company (Sun Agency), the Landscape vendor (Quality), and a roofing vendor.

The team designed the flow of information that would meet the needs of the customers, the co-owners. The plan was presented to the then-board and other long-time leaders within Harbour Towne.

2008-2011 Under the direction of Steve LeBel and Kelly Cousineau (with Dan Weller and Jerry Siminski’s ongoing input), Bryan English, an external programmer developed CCIS as the primary solution to the planned design. Steve & Kelly tested and managed modifications.
2011 CCIS was officially launched. This web-based tool is also hosted on Steve LeBel’s web server.
2012-2014 CCIS has had several enhancements since then; directed by Kelly Cousineau and carried out by Jeremy Strouse, our current (2017) programmer.
2013 Jerry (& Nancy) Siminski and Kelly Cousineau began scanning and archiving many of the paper documents to the Google Drive.
2014 The Joomla website was replaced with a new WordPress version by Kelly Cousineau. Ted Bensinger was instrumental in gathering much of the information for that work.
2015 Kelly gathered several co-owners for a redesign of the website organization and navigation.
2018 The Information Management Team was launched with co-owners: Linda Gritter, Terri Richards, Ted & Joanne Bensinger, and Kelly Cousineau. Board member Shari Finos agreed to be the board liaison for the team and Angie Clark of Gerow Management participates fully.

(a) The website and CCIS are still hosted by Argon Press. Fees are invoiced and paid by Harbour Towne annually.

(b) Our Calendar, Document Storage, and Spreadsheet tools are hosted in a Harbour Towne Google Account.