A board secretary performs a myriad tasks aimed at managing the records and administrative functions of the board.  In Harbour Towne, the Secretary’s primary responsibilities are:

  1. Record and publish minutes from Board Meetings and the Annual HTCA Meeting. The Secretary has temporary possession of a recording device to assist at meetings as needed.
  2. Maintain an ongoing Action Items List to track assignments, due dates, status, and completion.
  3. Maintain the Message Board at the Indiana Avenue entrance.

Minutes Procedure

Prerequisites: Contact the Tech Committee to get credentialed access and a tour of the Google Drive resources (Minutes, Action Items).

  1. Take notes at board meetings; typical information required is shown in the this sample.
  2. Type minutes in a word processor using filename format: Minutes 2017-09-13 (Original Minutes).
    1. Update the Action Items Log with any new action items. (See Action Items Procedure). Save the Action Items Log as a PDF file in a temporary location (a feature of Google Drive).
    2. At the end of the Original Minutes file, insert the PDF file of the Action Items Log (refer to word processing instructions).
    3. If there are attachments to the minutes, combine those in the Original Minutes file.
  3. Copy the Original Minutes document and create a DRAFT version with filename format:  Minutes 2017-09-13-DRAFT.
    1. Add a Not Approved stamp or label to every page in the DRAFT file.
    2. Create a PDF version of the DRAFT file.
  4. Send the PDF version of the DRAFT minutes to Board Members for their review  and revisions (ask for responses within five days).
    1. If revisions are needed, delete the DRAFT version of the minutes, open the Original Minutes and make the necessary changes. Create a new DRAFT copy and add the Not Approved stamp. Further Board review is not needed.
    2. If after five days, there are no revisions, upload the DRAFT version of the minutes to the Google Drive in the Minutes folder.
  5. Once the previous month’s minutes are approved at the next Board Meeting, update the Minutes folder on the Google Drive:
    1. Upload the Original Minutes file.
    2. Delete the DRAFT version.

Action Items Procedure

The Action Items Log is stored in the Google Drive.

  1. Add Action Items based on Board decisions: On the Open Items page, enter the Date, Item, Owner, Due date, and any Comments.
  2. Update Action Items: Modify Due Dates, add Status, change owner, as required.
  3. Complete Action Items: Cut the relevant row from the Open Items page, then copy the row to the Completed Items page.

Message Board Procedure

Post monthly Board Meeting dates, Annual HTCA Meetings, and miscellaneous announcements as agreed upon by the Board.

  • The Secretary has temporary possession of the key and the letters.
  • The Management Company has a spare key.