FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Any news on the Damfino proposal?

Refer to the Community News section on the HTCA Community page.

I think I missed the last email?

Contact the Management Company if you need owner login information, then login to our Protected Resources to read past email messages.

Troubleshooting Tips: Make sure you’re getting the Harbour Towne E-Messages:

  • Verify your email address with the Management Company.
  • Request an Email test from the website/email manager.
  • Make sure your email system accepts mail from our address (and doesn’t send it to Junk Mail or SPAM): NoReply@HarbourTowneCondos.com. To find instructions for your email system, search the web using specific keywords – Google (or Yahoo) mail, Safe Senders, or Whitelist, or Trust, etc.

Can Units be Rented at Harbour Towne?

Yes, Harbour Towne allows rentals, however, the proposed lease must be submitted to the board. Here are the restrictions (Article VI, Section 2 of our Bylaws). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Management Company.

What is the Information Management Team?

The IM-Team was created in February of 2018 to manage the information resources of Harbour Towne. Our Mission is: The IM-Team supports the goals of Harbour Towne Association (Board, Committees, Management Company, and Co-Owners) by developing and maintaining tools and processes for the management and accessibility of information. To learn more, please visit our page, or to join us, contact the webmaster.

Where are the Board meeting minutes?

Minutes are stored in our Protected Resources area which is inside our CCIS /Request System. CCIS is the system we’ve used for maintenance requests since 2011. In CCIS, each condo unit has a unique username and password. To set up your private credentials, contact the Management Company.

When and where are our Board meetings?

Board meetings are described on the Management page. Usually, meetings are held at the Naval Museum on Fulton, on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. The Calendar shows changes to this schedule.

How are our finances doing?

Monthly expense reports, balance sheets, and reserve fund statements are Protected Resources and are accessed via the CCIS/Request System. Contact the Management Company if you need to set up login credentials.

I don’t see my Requests in the Maintenance System?

Since we now store our secure documents within CCIS, you’re first taken to a page to access those protected resources. To review your Requests, click the Current Requests tab along the bottom of blue banner at the top of the screen (see below). There is also a tab to return to the Resources page, and one to Submit (a new) Request.

CCIS TabsCan my wife/husband get unique login credentials to access the Protected Resources?

At this time, we’ve decided to have only one set of login credentials per condo unit. Therefore, all owners share the same username and password.

Why do I have to do math before submitting a Request?

Earlier this year, a spammer (a person who spams systems) began entering bogus requests in our system. While this was apparently harmless, it causes  extra work for the Management Company who initially see these as legitimate requests. If there are only one or two spams a week, no big deal. However, 1,000s of spams constitute an issue and would also bog down our serve. Adding two numbers together before submitting makes it more difficult for spammers to enter requests in the system.

Do I have to change the light bulbs on my garage?

Co-owners are responsible for replacement bulbs. Please use a 60-75 watt equivalent (about 800 lumens) LED bulb, warm or soft white color (2700 on the Kelvin scale).  This bulb ensures long life, reduces energy and provides a harmonious external appearance.

However, the Building Committee is willing to provide this service for the cost of the bulb (approximately $2.00/bulb). For assistance with garage bulb replacement, submit a request, or contact the Management Company.

Can I store my Kayak on my patio?

As of October 11, 2017, the Board rescinded the Kayak Storage Policy.  Currently, “No watercraft is to be stored on common elements or limited common elements for more than 48 hours per the Bylaws.”

However, Harbour Towne Marina provides Kayak storage with easy access to launch! The cost $45 for the summer season (2018 rates). There are no additional launching fees.

How do I change the color of my front door?

Beginning in 2016, there are four color options for entry doors. Read more about it on our Color Options for Front Entry Door page.

Are there guidelines for adding or replacing Storm Doors? 

Guidelines for the types of storm doors permitted and where to purchase are published here.

When will my unit be painted/stained?

The current plan calls for units to be stained every five years (in 2015, this was revised from every seven years). More information is found on our Building Exterior page.

When are we spraying for bugs? What do I have to do?

Harbour Towne contracts with an outside provider to apply pesticides every summer. Current information about the pesticide treatments is given on the Pesticide Application page. Check the Calendar for scheduling.

Can I expand my deck?

Co-owners use the Exterior Modification procedure to request approval for all modifications outside their condo unit. 

Where can I find my neighbor’s phone number, email?

Log in to our Protected Resources to view the Co-owner Directory. Contact the the Management Company if you don’t have credentials.

What happened to Neighborly Needs?

We’ve renamed this to Neighborly Help.

Do I still owe on my street assessment?

Dues, assessments, and late fees are covered on the Dues & Assessments page.

Why doesn’t my 2012-600 password work any more?

We recently updated the website and moved our Protected Resources inside our CCIS /Request System. CCIS is the system we’ve used for maintenance requests since 2011. In CCIS, each condo has a unique username and password. To set up your private credentials, contact the Management Company.

Who is Gerow Management and where is Sun Agency?

Gerow Management is the new agent charged with the day-to-day management of our property. Sun Agency had been our property manager since we became an association in the mid-90’s. The transition from Sun to Gerow took place November 1st, 2015. Sun Agency still serves other clients out of their Norton Shores office.

My question isn’t here?

Please send your question to the Website Manager. We’ll add it to the list!