Selling Agents

You may already be aware of the many amenities of living in Harbour Towne. If not, please visit our Want to Live Here page.

In 2016, Harbour Towne implemented a process that allows co-owners to modify the exterior of their units. In all cases, the current owner of the modified unit is responsible for any issues caused by these modifications. In some cases, the modifications are permissible for a period of time, or until another trigger. We recommend you contact the Management Company to clarify what modifications may exist and which ones require attention on your buyer’s preferred unit.

Make sure you show your buyers our Governing Documents. If you need access to finance reports or board meeting minutes, please contact the Management Company.

If there’s information you’d like to see posted here, please contact the Website Manager.

Listing Agents

We have limits for posting For-Sale signs: from 6 PM Friday through 3 PM Sunday. Please work with a fellow realtor, your Co-owner, or their neighbors to follow these posting guidelines.