Deck Floor Maintenance

While you may be tempted to power-wash your deck, the Deck Guy on the Building Committee says Don’t Do it! He says this just drives the dirt and bacteria into the wood. He gave this advice instead:

Lightly Sand

Lightly Sand


  • Tap down any raised nails (tighten any raised screws) to just below the surface of the wood.
  • Sand the deck floor with a hand-held random orbital sander. This should remove any mold. Wear old jeans and get on your knees – the Deck Guy promises it won’t hurt and it’s much faster than using a pressure washer!
  • Sweep away the dust.
Use Oxi-Clean Mixture

Use Oxi-Clean Mixture


  • Mixture: Mix the following ingredients (this is not toxic to plants or animals)
    • 2 gallons Hot Water
    • 2 cups Granulated Oxi-Clean or generic of same
    • ¼ cup Liquid Dish Soap
  • Scrub lightly over surface using a brush with plenty of mixture and then let sit.
  • After 45-minutes, the chemical reaction of the Mixture with the wood should be visible (slight bubbling).
  • Rinse the surface with a hose or buckets of plain water; it won’t hurt anything!
  • Let surface dry for a day or two.


Port City Paints (1250 9th Street, Muskegon MI) sells a Deck Protection product that’s made primarily from Linseed Oil and a UV-Inhibitor. It’s called Deck & Dock – Clear. One gallon should be plenty, it covered an Extended Deck on a Townhouse.

Deck & Dock - Protectant

Deck & Dock – Protector

Using a foam roller or a brush, or a little of both, apply the Deck & Dock to any areas you sanded or cleaned with the mixture. Even if you “paint yourself into a corner” the product absorbs quickly into the wood so you should be able to walk (lightly) on the deck shortly after coating. Apply only one coat to flooring (more could make the floor slippery).

Make sure to follow the directions on the can for disposal of any of your rags or rollers; linseed oil can make rags ignite if not handled properly.

The Deck Guy recommends using the Deck & Dock protection in the Spring, then repeat about the same time the following year.  After that, every other year should be plenty.

Material Upgrade or Expansion

Trex Transcend Flooring

Trex Transcend Flooring

If you are considering a new deck expansion or replacement of any part of your current deck, this might be the time to consider the new flooring material options available. In addition to the normal 5/4-by-6 flooring boards used throughout Harbour Towne, we also approve:

  • Plastic Deck Flooring – Trex Transcend – Gravel Path (color)
  • Full 2-by-6 Treated Lumber

Deck Expansion or Replacement

Decks and all exterior modifications begin with a Request in CCIS – select the category External Modification Request. The Deck Guy will review your Request and get you started with the External Modification Process. Please do not contact a contractor without first submitting your request for anything related to your deck. It can save time and confusion.