Sliding Patio Door Specifications

  • Materials: To be at least equal in quality to the original door.
  • Exterior Color: Door to match the color of the siding to the degree possible. If windows are replaced in addition to doors, both windows and doors should be the same exterior color.  This is most easily be achieved by selecting the same brand and color name within that brand for the doors and windows
  • Glass: To be clear, two or more panes, and without bevels or designs.  Unlike windows, doors shall not have grills or grids between the glass (or exterior to the glass).
  • Co-owner options and choices: Interior hardware design and finish, insect screen material, interior veneer, color, or stain, and glass options such as Low-E or others.

Acceptable Door Brands/Styles

The following sliding patio door brands offer the necessary exterior color choices and material options (as of August 2016) to meet established criteria.  Please refer to the Window Replacement details for more information regarding these brands.


  • Includes Architect 850, Designer 750,and Proline 450 Series
  • Fossil color for the Architect 850 & Designer Series
  • Putty color for the Proline 450 Series


  • Includes the Architectural Series, 400 Series, and 100 Series
  • Sandtone is the color for all of the Series

Other brands may be acceptable.  The most critical specification is the exterior color.