Condo Interior


Co-owners are responsible for repair and replacement of the entire interior of their condo including HVAC, plumbing and fixtures, appliances, cabinetry, flooring, electrical and lighting, window coverings, and any upgrades such as built-in sound systems. In the case of damage, if fault is assigned to an adjacent Co-owner or service providers (etc.), the insurer of those persons should cover repair and replacement. This Responsibility/Maintenance Matrix gives more details; if you have questions, please contact the Management Company.

Repair Services

This is a list of recommended service providers published by the Management Company .

Changes or Improvements?

Co-owners can change anything inside their condo. However, changes that affect the exterior of the building (holes in the roof or walls) or can potentially impact neighbors should be reviewed by the Building Committee.

Adding heavy items such as granite counters, appliances, and large built-ins may require extra support in the flooring. Contact a builder or city engineer for assistance. Inform all service providers of weight limits in elevators and lifts.

Lastly, we are not allowed to store PODS on our property (a City of Muskegon regulation). There are also limits on how long we can have dumpsters in our driveways. If your project is major, please contact the Building Committee for recommendations or to request variances.