Infractions Policy

Harbour Towne has always had an Infractions Policy, although it hasn’t been enforced until recently. With the help of our new Management Company, and the development of numerous policies designed to help Co-Owners understand what we should and should not do, we are now able to address infractions. The current Rules and Regulations Summary is posted here. Infractions are specifically addressed in our Bylaws, Article XVI, Sections 2 and 3.

Why did I receive an Infraction Notice?

Occasionally, representatives of the Board or Management Company walk around the complex making observations of modifications to buildings, landscaping, or outdoor storage that violate our rules and regulations. These observations trigger the Infraction Notice.

Infraction Procedure

The Management Company will notify Co-owner by mail. The Notification will include:

  1. Notification of the violation.
  2. The reference of the violation from the Bylaws, together with a factual description of the infraction.
  3. A timeline for violation correction.
  4. Co-owner’s rights to contest the violation: they may contest the violation via a hearing before the Board at the next scheduled meeting which can be arranged through the Management Company. The Co-owner will have a minimum of 7 days between the notification and the date of the Board meeting. Upon appearance by the Co-owner before the Board, or failure to appear, the Board shall decide whether a violation has occurred, and this decision is final.
  5. The Board may decide to levy a fine of $50, $100, and $150 successively for each week that the violation continues.

After the timeline for remediation (#3 above) of the violation expires, a second letter will be mailed to the Co-owner. This letter will include:

  1. Notification of violation.
  2. The reference of the violation from the Bylaws, together with a factual description of the infraction.
  3. Explanation that a $50 fine has been levied against the Co-owner and is immediately due and payable.
  4. A list of additional options that may be used against the Co-Owner if the violation is not corrected. This includes the right of the Management Company to remove and abate the violation at the expense of the Co-owner and bill them appropriately.

To Report an Infraction

While the Board and Management Company do their best to identify infractions, Co-owners may also report significant violations by contacting the Management Company or through the CCIS/Request System.