Storage Guidelines

Decks and Patios

For clarification Decks are above ground and Patios are on ground level. The Master Deed and Bylaws list the various items that can and cannot be stored.

Kayaks and Watercraft

No watercraft is to be stored on common elements or limited common elements for more than 48 hours per the Bylaws.

However, Harbour Towne Marina provides Kayak storage with easy access to launch! Click here for the current rate. There are no additional launching fees.


At present, grills may not be stored in the driveway or entryway to the condo unit. They may be stored on the patio or deck between uses.

Trash Cans

Trash cans should be stored inside the garage. For those who travel, please provide a neighbor with access to the garage so they can properly stow the can inside. Trash cans outside the unit/garage are a signal to potential thieves that no one is home.