Board Members

Harbour Towne Condo Association (HTCA) is governed by a 5-7 member board of Co-owners who volunteer their time to oversee our business. Board members are elected by the Co-owners for 3-year terms that begin in July and expire in June. Current board members, their terms, and offices are listed on the Contacts page.

Management Company

The board hires and oversees a Management Company that manages our finances and property maintenance. They coordinate with banks, insurance companies, attorneys, and the Co-owners. Co-owners can contact the Management Company by phone during office hours, email, or by using our online Request System.

Board Meetings

Co-owners are invited to attend board meetings. Meetings are regularly scheduled:

  • 2nd Wednesday of the month, 6:30 – 9 PM
  • Silversides Naval Museum conference room (upstairs)

Changes to this schedule are published on the Calendar and the sign at the Indiana Avenue entrance. The order of business follows a general format. When you open the event in the calendar, you’ll find the typical agenda

Meeting Agendas

When feasible, the Management Company publishes a draft of the Agenda in advance of the meeting. A key step in initializing the meeting is to make changes and/or approve the Agenda so it may vary slightly from this draft version. Draft Agendas are stored with minutes under: Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes in the Protected Resources area (see below).

Meeting Minutes

Formal minutes are published in the Protected Resources area (see below). We also distribute highlights from the meetings via email. Be sure your email address is current with the Management Company.

Dues and Assessments

Visit the Dues and Assessments page for current dues, late fees, and forms to set up automatic monthly payments.

(Password) Protected Resources 

Protected management resources include Agendas for and Minutes from the board meetings, finance reports, reserve fund statements. These items are accessed through our CCIS/Request System. Contact the Management Company to set up your login credentials.

Governing Documents

These are intended to protect our investments and help many people live in close proximity in peace. The Governing Documents page lists those documents and their hierarchy.