Rules and Regulations Summary


The purpose of rules and regulations are to protect the long-term value of each Co-owner’s unit. The following additional rules and regulations are provided for your information and use. Each is subject to the Master Deed, Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation in that order.

The most frequent concerns can be addressed by referring to the Harbour Towne Condominium Association (HTCA) MASTER DEED, Exhibit “A”, Bylaws, using the article number noted after the applicable subject beginning on page 24 Liber 4077 page 498. Please feel free to contact the Management Company if you need a copy of any referenced document or if you have any questions. Click here for a printable (PDF) version of Rules and Regulations Summary.

1) For Sale Signs – Bylaws, Article VI, Section 10

  • “For Sale” and “Open House” signs are only permitted from 3 P.M. Friday to 6 P.M. Sunday.

2) Exterior physical alterations: Any outside alteration of the building or grounds from their pre-existing condition are prohibited.  Please refer to the Exterior Modification Procedure before considering any of the below changes.

  • Antennas, Satellite dishes, etc: Bylaws, Article VI, Section 3, (B) (11)
  • Painting – staining – sealing: Outside painting, staining or sealing of units can only be done by the Association and not Co-owner or any other agent with the exception of applying deck preservative, which may be done by the Co-owner and is restricted to the inside surface of the railings and deck surface. Front Door painting has its own procedure.
  • Awnings: Awnings are prohibited anywhere on the buildings, except as provided in the Retractable Awning Policy.  All awnings are reviewed using the Exterior Modification Procedure.
  • Deck stairways: Outside stairways will be permitted only on units without walkout sliders on the lower level. Stairways may not be added to any deck without prior written approval of the Board. Stairways in common areas must be maintained by the resident Co-owner. Please refer to Exterior Modification Procedure.
  • Windows and Sliders: Article IV, Section 2, (A) (1) (H) of Master Deed- The maintenance and repair of windows and sliders are the responsibility of the Co-owner. Storm doors must be from the same manufacturer.  Please refer to Window Replacement Policy and Storm Door Policy.  Contact the Management Company for additional information.
  • Landscaping-mulched areas: No changes are permitted in the mulched areas without prior Board approval. See Approved Plant and Tree Replacement List. Co-owners are encouraged to spruce up and care for plantings in these areas. Co-owners can plant annuals in these areas but must assume responsibility for what is planted.
  • Utility Lines: Policy for routing all utility lines whenever possible inside of a co-owner’s unit, versus running the lines on the exterior. Please refer to Utility Line Policy

3) Storage Pods: City of Muskegon Zoning does not allow for storage pods to be used. They are considered illegal.

4) Use of Common Elements: Bylaws, Article VI, Section 6, in part

  • Co-owners shall not use the Common Elements, Limited or General, for storage of supplies, materials, grills, trash/recycling containers, personal property or trash or refuse of any kind, except as provided in the Bylaws or duly adopted rules and regulations of the Association. The Common Elements shall not be used in any way for the drying, shaking, or airing of clothing or other fabrics.

5) Pets: Bylaws, Article VI, Section 5

  • No more than two (2) pets are allowed per unit. All pet waste must be picked up by pet’s owner.
  • No animals shall be kept except household pets. No animal may be kept or bred for any commercial purposes. In accordance with the City of Muskegon ordinance, all pets must be on a leash when in the common elements and completely controlled when in the limited common elements, such as patios, decks and balconies.
  • All pets must be registered with the Management Company. The form can be obtained by contacting the office or by logging in to the Maintenance Request System (CCIS) and selecting the Resources tab.

6) Golf carts:

  • In accordance with City of Muskegon ordinances golf carts are not allowed on the streets within the condominium complex unless they are licensed. They cannot be stored outside.

7) Streetlights: All poles, lighting, bulbs, repair and replacement are the responsibility of Consumers Energy. Contact information is provided on the City of Muskegon Handbook.

8) Vehicles: Bylaws, Article VI, Section 8

9) Trash/Storage:  Bylaws, Article VI, Section 6

  • Residents’ trash/recycle receptacles shall not be left at the curb longer than 24 hours before and/or after pick-up day (refer to City of Muskegon Handbook). Small, loose trash must be bagged.  Trash cans must be stored in the garage except as stated above.
  • No combustible materials, which may cause a fire hazard, are permitted. No motorcycle or any other type of gasoline engine is to be kept indoors or on patios, decks or balconies. (The only acceptable area is the limited common element garage.)
  • Yard Waste- Our weekly garbage service picks up yard waste. Please place yard waste (in yard waste bags) on the curb on garbage pick-up days (refer to City of Muskegon Handbook).

10) Assessments/Remedies: Bylaws, Article II, Section 4

  • The assessment dues are due on or before the 1st day of every month. Checks should be made payable to “Harbour Towne Condominium Association”.  See mailing instructions at  Dues and Assessments.
  • A charge of $25.00 per month per assessment will be billed for payments over ten (10) days A 7% interest fee will be added for any assessment over 30 days late.

11) Notice of Lease: Bylaws, Article VI, Section 2

  • Whenever any Co-owner proposes to sell, give, lease, devise or otherwise transfer any unit, or any interest, said Co-owner(s) shall give the Association (via the Management Company) not less than ten (10) days prior written notice of the proposed transfer, which notice shall briefly describe the type of transfer proposed by the Co-owner and shall state the name and address of the proposed Transferee. No unit may be leased for less than six (6) months or more than one (1) year without the prior permission of the Board.

12) Complaints / Infractions:

  • All complaints must be submitted in writing, submitted through the Request System, or called in to the Management Company for the Condominium Association. The Management Company will submit the complaints to the President of the Board in writing in a timely manner. All complaints will be brought to the Board Members at the next scheduled meeting.

13) Fireworks:

  • Fireworks are prohibited. All devices that make noise or shoot into the air, such as firecrackers, cherry bombs, torpedoes, etc. or recreational fires are forbidden on any common or limited element in the Association.

14) Adornments on exterior of Units: Bylaws, Article VI, Section 13

  • Hanging plants and planters: Must be confined to decks and patios.
  • Freestanding planters are allowed by entryways. Owners must maintain all planters which shall adhere to the aesthetics of the common area.
  • Seed-type bird feeders- Limited to the mulched and dune grass areas only (prohibited from grass areas and driveways). Only sterilized bird seed allowed to prevent germination.
  • Liquid type bird feeders-Limited to deck and patio areas only. Insect and pest control of both seed and liquid type bird feeders are the responsibility of the Co-owner.
  • Birdbaths/freestanding statues- Not to exceed 36″ tall. Limit of one per unit. Allowed on porches, decks, patios and mulched areas only (prohibited from grass areas and driveways).
  • Feeding Wild Animals- Feeding of deer and other wild animals is prohibited by Muskegon ordinance 6-9, Subsection 8.
  • Decorative wall-mounted plaques/name plates- Restricted to front door, walls in front entryway, patio or deck areas.
  • Wreaths- Prohibited on exterior siding surfaces of building (does not apply to December holiday wreaths).

15) Flags: Bylaws, Article VI, Section 10

  • Only U.S. flags, no larger than 3’ X 5” or similarly sized red, white and blue U.S. flag-like banners, shall be displayed which are visible from the exterior of a unit. No other flags or banners are allowed without written permission of the Association.

16) Seasonal decorations:

  • Only December holiday lighting is permitted, and is not to be installed before Thanksgiving. December holiday decorations must be removed no later than January 15 of the New Year. (Note: December holiday wreaths must be secured at the top and bottom to prevent abrasion of the stained exterior surface of the building.)
  • No colored light bulbs or covering may be placed in/on permanent exterior fixtures.

17) Bollard decorations (decorative roped pilings):

  • Limit of one ornamental bollard per unit. Roadside bollard decoration is prohibited unless approved by the board for special reasons. Examples of decorations: birds, weather vanes, holiday decorations, etc.

18) Garage- Estate – Moving sales:

  • PERMITS- Garage, estate and moving sales are the occasional, non-business, public sale of secondhand household and other goods. Common areas, such as driveways or grass, may not be used for display or sale of merchandise. Notice must be given to the Management Company at least one week prior to the sale.
  • NUMBER OF SALES- Only one sale per twelve-month period may be conducted at a unit. Each sale may not exceed three (3) consecutive days in duration and shall only be conducted between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

19) Speed Limit:

  • No vehicles shall exceed 25 MPH within the condominium complex.

20) Docks and Boats:

  • Are not allowed on Little Pigeon lake shore (pond) including beach grass areas, except for non-motorized watercraft, which will be permitted for launching and retrieving only.

21) Deck extensions 

  • Deck extensions will not be allowed for “stacked” condos.
  • Deck extensions will be allowed on “non-stacked” condos, if approved by the Building Committee, and processed through a CCIS request.

22)  Rules on Outdoor Flames in the Outdoor Common and Outdoor Limited Common Areas of HTCA:

  • No wood fires of any kind are permitted, even if the fire is contained to a commercially manufactured metal fire pit with an enclosing screen.  
  • Propane gas heaters are prohibited.  
  • Propane gas fire pits must be commercially manufactured, have a flame that is no higher than six inches and is surrounded by protective glass chips or rocks, and must be operated Only on Outdoor Limited Common Areas and stored only on a deck, patio, or within a garage. 
  • Propane or charcoal grills must be operated only on Outdoor Limited Common Areas and stored only on a deck or patio or within a garage.  Charcoal coals may not be disposed of on any Outdoor Limited or Outdoor Common Areas.

Any infraction of the Harbour Towne Condominium Association’s Master Deed, Bylaws, or Rules and Regulations, may be subject to a fine of $50.00 to $150.00, depending on the number of times the infraction is violated.

If the infraction continues, additional fines may be applied according to the Condominium Bylaws, Article XVI. If this fine reaches a cumulative amount of $1,500.00, then a lien will be placed on the Co-owner’s unit. An additional charge of $10.00 per month will be assessed until the infraction ceases and fine is paid.

Published by HTCA Board of Directors; Revised August 2021