HTCA Community

Welcome New Owners!

We are so glad you’ve moved into our community. We hope these hints will help you get settled in quickly. If you have additional questions, please contact the Management Company.

Community News

Click here to view the Harbour Towne Muskegon private group page on Facebook. You must be a Harbour Towne resident and have a Facebook account to join the group. Applicants need to answer the “membership” questions that are asked at the time membership approval is requested.

Click here to read the most recent BBNA Newsletter (Beachwood Bluffton Neighborhood Association).

Click here to view the The Docks (Damfino Development, LLC) Plan dated May 2019.
Click here to view the Amendment proposed by Damfino on March 26, 2020.
Click here to view the Amendment proposed by Damfino on May 21, 2020.
A site plan can be viewed at The Docks website.

Local Attractions

Wonder what’s going on around town, or where you might pick up a golf game? Check out our collection of attractions.

Calendar of Events

Our calendar lists social events, board meetings, and annual services (building staining, etc.).

Neighborly Help

This is our opportunity to offer or ask for help from our Harbour Towne neighbors.


In addition to Neighborly Help, we have lots of opportunities to share your strengths and experience to make Harbour Towne the best place to live in western Michigan.