Protected Resources

Some information isn’t shared with the public at large. To access these Password Protected Resources, log in to the CCIS/Request System.  

If you don’t have login credentials, please contact the Management Company.

These are the resources we currently protect:


Harbour Towne publishes monthly Newsletters. Current and past newsletters are available. 

Email Messages

If you think you’ve missed a message that was sent to the community, you can look it up here.
For recent messages, click the link “Email Messages (Aug. 2023 – Current).”  This opens a new page in CCIS that displays a table of recent messages.  Click the VIEW link in the right column to see the content of the message.
For older messages, click the link “Email Messages (Archive).”  This opens a folder in the HTCA Google Drive.  Use the Search in Drive search box at the top to search for topics of interest.

directoryCo-Owner Directory

This is a list of Co-owners and their contact information. It is currently created manually on a monthly basis; but a real-time directory is under consideration. If your information is missing or incorrect, see Update my Personal Information below.



Update my Personal Information 

Co-Owners can now view and update their contact and personal information (User Profile) directly in CCIS. Once logged into the system, select the Profile tab, then click the Update My Profile button. 
For more information, select the Resources tab, scroll down to the CCIS Maintenance System Procedures section and click the How to Review & Update my Personal Information (Video) link.  If Co-Owners prefer, they can still send updates to the Property Manager.

Pet Registration

The “How to Register my Pets” form is available here. This is a form to print, complete, and send on to the Management Company.

Board Meeting Minutes 

All meeting minutes are archived here.

Finance Reports

Monthly expense reports, balance sheets.

Reserve Fund 

Summary statements are included. Contact the treasurer for more detailed reports.