Doors – Front Entry Color & Hardware

 Routine Front Entry Door Maintenance


All front entry doors will be re-painted at the Association’s expense on an “as-needed” basis when the doors show significant wear or color fading. Co-Owners whose front doors have been identified for re-painting by the Association will be notified by the Management Company and may choose one of the six approved colors below for re-painting. If no selection is made by the Co-owner within two weeks of notification, the door will be re-painted the default color of “Poseidon.”


Approval Process for Front Entry Door Repainting at Co-Owner’s Expense

Co-Owners may choose to re-paint their front entry door any of the six approved colors below at any time, at their own expense, if approved in advance by the Association.

Co-Owners must submit a request in the CCIS system for an Exterior Modification as a first step. After submission of the request in CCIS, Co-Owners must complete and submit an Exterior Modification Application to the Management Company including the color selected and who will be completing the re-painting.

Receipt of a written letter of approval from the Management Company is required prior to Co-Owner re-painting of the front entry door whether being re-painted by the Co-Owner or a contracted painter. A list of service providers, which includes professional painters, is available on the HTCA website. Once re-painting is completed, notify the Management Company so the CCIS request can be closed.

Approval for Co-Owners re-painting their doors themselves is contingent upon the Co-Owner contacting the Management Company once the re-painting has been completed for inspection before closing of the CCIS request. The Co-Owner also agrees to have the door professionally re-painted if the re-painting performed by the Co-Owner is not acceptable.

Door Color Overview

There are six approved colors to choose from for re-painting of front entry doors.  They are available locally from Sherwin-Williams and stores that carry Behr paints.

Underwater – PPU12-20 Behr Marquee Satin / Home Depot

Starless Night – PPU14-20 Behr Marquee Satin / Home Depot

Poseidon – 6762 Sherwin Williams Solo Satin / Sherwin Williams

Cracked Pepper – PPU18-01 Behr Marquee Satin / Home Depot

Stolen Kiss SW 7586 – Sherwin-Williams

Mature Grape SW 6286 – Sherwin-Williams

Entry Door Hardware Policy

Our Association Bylaws require written advance approval of the Board of Directors if changes to the exterior door hardware would result in a change in the appearance or use.

Procedure to Change Door Hardware

  • Research available options (see Guidelines below). For more information, either submit a Request in CCIS or contact the Management Company.
  • Submit an External Modification Request Form listing the specific hardware to be used.
  • Co-owners may self-install or hire someone to do the work. A building permit should not be necessary.

Door Hardware Guidelines

  • May add keyless entry feature (external keypad, or internet activated).
  • Round or lever style knob.
  • Any standard finish such as bright brass, stainless steel, nickel, oil rubbed, bronze, etc. We suggest that the same finish be used for the door lockset, door kick plate, and storm door hardware.
  • Similar style as the original, e.g. not an overly decorative back plate or colonial-style handle set assembly.