Emergency Operation of Gas/Propane Powered Generators

Due to our lakeshore location and the above ground power lines feeding electricity to our
community, Harbour Towne Condominium Association (HTCA) is at an increased risk for potential loss of power. As authorized by the HTCA Board of Directors, the Building and Community Relations Committees both proactively work with the City of Muskegon and Consumers Energy to minimize both the incidence and duration of outages that impact our community. An assigned member of the HTCA Building Committee also serves as a designated point of contact during outages; working with an assigned representative of Consumers Energy to expedite restoration and identify additional opportunity for outage avoidance in the future.

During an electrical power outage, CoOwners are allowed to operate an external gas or
propane powered internal combustion engine generator as a source for emergency electrical
power contingent upon compliance to all HTCA and City of Muskegon requirements. The below policy defines HTCA’s parameters, limitations, and restrictions for generator operation.

Click here for the Harbour Towne Policy for Driveway Emergency Backup Power Generators.  

HTCA’s requirements are based upon accepted safe operating standards and are intended to ensure coowner safety and prevent catastrophic loss of our buildings and contents. All CoOwners are accountable to familiarize themselves with all aspects of this policy in advance of emergency use and to commit to use this policy as a reference during generator operation.

Below are several key points for Co-Owner compliance:

  1. Use of portable generators operation is only allowed during a power outage and the
    generator must be operated a minimum of 20 feet from the building.
  2. Generators must be operated and stored in compliance with all manufacturer’s
  3. All fuel for gas powered generators must be safely stored in an approved container and
    only in the unit’s garage.
  4. “Backfeeding” generator power to any interior wall plug or circuit is prohibited by the City of Muskegon Building Code.

CoOwners operating generators are accountable for taking every possible action to prevention property damage for themselves, neighboring coowners, and our entire community. Also, CoOwners operating generators must minimize any negative impact to neighboring CoOwners due to noise or other issues.

Coowner noncompliance to this policy will constitute a violation and subject to fines as
defined in HTCA’s Amended and Restated Bylaws.

Alternate Power Sources Opportunities

Both in response to our increased risk of power outages and to coowners’ interest in
alternative sources of electrical power, HTCA’s Building Committee continues to evaluate
potential acceptable options to reduce reliance on local utilities and for cost savings.

A currently available option is the professional installation of a interior battery bank that can provide a source of whole or selected circuit electrical power. This battery bank can be used to supply electrical power both during outages for periods of up to 1.5 days or longer and by automatically switching to use during peak rate periods. These systems are available from multiple manufacturers and service providers. Installation does not require an Exterior Modification Request or Board approval.

The HTCA Board and Building Committee are committed to pursuing all available options and innovative solutions for reliable, costeffective alternative sources of power for our community. Additional updates and informational sessions like the one below will be held in the future when new information is available.

Click here for an  audio-only recording of an information session hosted by John Manchester, HTCA Building Committee member, on 11/18/2021.  John shared information about in-home lithium-battery based power units and answered co-owners’ questions related to HTCA’s current generator policy.  Session begins at 3:30 of the recording.

Click here for the PowerPoint presentation of the session.

Due to the design of our community and building related issues, generators installed outside the unit are not allowed at HTCA. At this time solar panels are not approved for use at HTCA.

For additional questions, contact the HTCA Building Committee or the Management Company.