Building Exterior

Co-owner Responsibility

This Matrix gives a lot of details. But in general, the Association maintains our siding, roof, sidewalk, and driveway. Co-owners maintain gutters, windows, sliders, deck, front/exterior door, storm/screen door, lighting, (see the garage). Look for more answers below. If you have questions, please contact the Management Company.

Repair Services

For Association-responsible items, submit your requests in our CCIS Request System. Contact the Management Company to set up your unique UserName and Password.

For items within your responsibility, we are working to build a list of recommended service providers. Until that list is published, contact the Management Company.

Changes or Improvements 

The exterior of each of our buildings has a direct impact on the living experience of every current and future Co-owner. Therefore, there is an application and approval process for every modification request. The Exterior Modification Procedure explains why the Association cares, what criteria they use to approve, and the steps to follow. Compile the paperwork and submit the Request.


In some cases, Co-owners may install an approved awning to shade their decks. Details of the approved deck and operation are explained on the Awning Specification page. Co-owners are welcome to contact the Building Committee Chair to inquire about feasibility before submitting a request to modify.


The Building Committee’s goal is to give every co-owner the best possible water-front living experience. The decks are one of the best places to do that. While Harbour Towne has chosen a weathered look, the Building Committee has some recommendations to help you keep the private space on your deck feel clean and fresh.

Visit the Decks page to learn more about this, flooring material options, and extending your deck. The railing and spindles of decks cannot be changed. The floor of the deck may be stained to compliment the weathered look.

Doors (Front)

Front doors have four color options and are typically painted along with the building staining (painting) schedule. Review color and schedule options here.

Doors (Sliding)

Specifications have been written for sliding/patio doors. Read the details here. When ready, submit a request to modify.


There are a few limited options available.  Read about these here.


The builder installed limited gutters on every unit. Co-owners are welcome to install new gutters are responsible to maintain all gutters. Please use the Exterior Modification Request to make sure the color and material align with the look and feel of the community.

Lighting / Bulbs

Co-owners replace bulbs in the fixtures on their garage, porch, deck, and patio. The Association maintains the lighting fixtures and light sensors mounted on the exterior of the condo units.

For assistance with garage bulb replacement, submit a request, or contact the Management Company.  The Building Committee is willing to provide this service for the cost of the bulb (approximately $2.00/bulb).

For the garage and condo entrance lights, please use a 60-75 watt equivalent (about 800 lumens) LED bulb, warm or soft white color (2700 on the Kelvin scale).  This bulb ensures long life, reduces energy and provides a harmonious external appearance.

Consumer’s Energy replaces bulbs in the street lights and the Association maintains bulbs at the entrance islands.

Siding Staining / Painting Schedule 

The Association provides staining / painting on a regular basis. The number of buildings and frequency varies based on the type of stain used at the last application. Watch the calendar for weather-dependent schedules.

The staining process includes an evaluation of siding; rotted boards are replaced, cracks filled, and the surface power-washed before stain is applied.

The following buildings are scheduled to be stained in the next few years. Refer to this Cross Reference of Address / Building / Unit numbers (pages 1-5 are sorted by street numbers, pages 6-10 by building numbers, and pages 11-15 by unit numbers):

2017: 11, 54, 42, 41, 35, 28B, 28A, 20, 55, 57

2018: 4, 6, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 58, 59


The Association has a long-term capital budget (Reserve Fund) that sets aside money each month (as part of our dues payments) to replace roofs. The first replacements scheduled for 2017 include:

  • Building 6: 1434-1440 E Harbour Towne Circle
  • Building 4: 1414-1420 E Harbour Towne Circle
  • Building 2: 1421-1427 E Harbour Towne Circle

If you see a roof that needs repair, please submit a Request in the CCIS/Request System.


Window washing: The Association pays for window washing (includes sliding doors) once each year, typically in July. The service washes the outside of windows only.

Repair or replace windows: Our instructions for replacing windows HERE.

Co-owners are welcome to contact the Building Committee Chair to inquire about feasibility before submitting a request to modify.

Building Committee 

The exterior of our buildings are stewarded by the Building Committee. These fellow Co-owners operate under a Charter that describes their scope of work and authority. The committee issued an update letter on 9/12/15.